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General Kit We are suppliers of General Kit for Hospitals and surgical uses, These kit include following products: 1. Surgeon Gown Blue 2. Sheet Adhesive (Adhesive) 3. Draw Sheet 80cm x 80 cm 4. Bed Sheet with pillow cover (PP) 5. Shoe Cover (PP) Specifications: * Type - General surgical Kit * Material - PP * Size - Customised * Applications - Hospitals. Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement
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Delivery Kit Specification: * Gown SMS * Perneil Sheet SMS * Leggins SMS * Wrapper SMS
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Labor Kit Contents: 1. Surgeon Gown SMS Blue 2. Patient Gown Sleeve less SMS 3. Leg Ins (PP) SMS 4. Perneil Sheet (PP) SMS 5. Bed Sheet with pillow cover (PP) SMS 6. Draw Sheet (PP) SMS Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement
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Disposable Lab Coat Specifications: Properties: * Medical Adhesive & Suture Material Type:The Surface of Suture Materials, * Surgical Supplies Brand Name:Sri Vishnu * Disposable lab coat Place of Origin:Chennai Color:white/blue, * Size:S, M, L, XL, XXL, or As customized sizes * Material:nonwoven/SSMMS * GSM:30, 35 GSM, if customer requires Higher GSM also available( as your request) * Package:1pcs/Poly Pack , 250pcs/Big size Bag * Application:for hospital, garden painting, food industry and other situations Packaging * Delivery Detail:Within 3-5 days after receiving the Payment Specifications 1. Disposable chemical resistant PP non wove/SSMMS lab coat 2. Size:Small to XXXL 3. Grammage:vary 4. Color:white, blue
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Perneil Pack 1. Surgeon Gown 2. Hand Towel 3. AB Towel 5. AB Large Sheet 6. Large Sheet 7. Centre Hole Sheet 8. Leg Ins 9. Wrapper We are suppliers of Swine Flu Kit to our clients these are used in Hospitals for prevention of communicable disease. Specifications: * Type - Mask Kit * Packaging - Customised * Material - pp nonwoven * Applications - Germ protection * Material Fabric Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement