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HIV Kit We are manufacturing and exporting of supreme quality Disposable HIV Kit. Widely used in hospitals and maternity homes, it has fetched high demands in the market. Infection-free and eco-friendly in its features, the whole range of high quality Disposable kits offered by us has heaped words of intense praise among our client-base spread worldwide. Our Disposable HIV Kit Consists of following Contents: HIV Kit * Surgeon Gown - 3nos. * Latex Gloves - 3Pairs. * Patient Surgical drape - 3nos. * Disposable Facemask - 3nos. * Surgeon Cap - 3nos. * Umbilical Cord clamp - 1no. * Disposable Goggles - 1no. Specifications: * E.T.O. Sterilized with E.T.O. indicator * Fabric: SMS * Effective cost * Supreme quality *Customized Contents, Items & Quantity As per customer requiremen
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